Wednesday, February 29

{Just like Brother}

Well Josie is taking after her big brother. She has figured out how to take her own picture with the camera on my phone. And boy does she think it is neat. Here are a very few of the many I found this morning.

Tuesday, February 28

{A Bath for Two}

Bath time just might be one of my favorite parts of the day.  

I usually turn on nursery rhymes and we sing and splash around.

Elai likes to see how many cars and trucks he can get away with bringing.

And Josie just smiles away.

Monday, February 27

{Keeping things Healthy}

I have a goal this year to bring more healthy recipes to our kitchen table while still maintaining a budget.
In the beginning it wasn't so easy.  
But then I found this website which I have to share!
So many great kid friendly ideas. And she makes them fun for the little ones.
So far Elai, my usually picky one, has loved everything.
I also recently attended a cooking group led by my neighbor and got some great ideas. 
We all feel much better and have tons of more energy.
Zech is even loosing weight!
As for me, I am 19 weeks into my pregnancy and have only gained 1 pound back after loosing 12.
Not to shabby, if I do say so myself.
Plus it makes me feel good knowing we aren't stuffing our kids full preservatives.  
I'm not perfect and I do binge sometimes but over all our appetites are satisfied.
I can't also help but feel as though this makes Heavenly Father happy.
After all I am trying hard to keep my body a temple.

Saturday, February 25

{Almost There}

This is what Josie is up to these days.

I'm not sure if I am ready for her to walk yet.

Friday, February 24

{This Boy}

Well he was at it again!  I swear there is NEVER a DULL moment with this kid.  Elai asked me if he could take his nap in my bedroom today.  Since Josie is sick and sleeping quietly in the kids' room and since I didn't want to risk him waking her up I said yes.  This was not the first time Elai has napped in my bed so I didn't think anything of it.  Until I heard the terrifying scream.  I quickly ran into the bedroom to find this.

Elai had gotten into my make up/jewelry box.

And decided he was going to have a little fun.

I could have gotten mad and yelled.  I think I had the right to do so.  But how could I when he looked at me like this?

So I scooped him up in my arms.  Held him tight and then taught him how to clean up a really big mess. 

Thursday, February 23

{The Photographer}

While in my bedroom, I heard a very familiar sound coming from the living room.  A sound I often here.  The sound of my phone's camera going off.  As I round the corner I find Elai quickly trying to hide something.  Lone behold, I find my phone.

It wasn't until later that I finally sat down and looked at my photos.  Elai had yet again taken some pictures of himself. 

I guess he figured he had already taken over 500 so why not a few more?

At least these ones aren't of the floor or his finger.

And look this one isn't really that bad!  Oh the things this boy does!

Wednesday, February 22


Well it is official.  We can't seem to even go one month in our house without someone being sick.  Illinois has sure taken it's tole one us.  After a visit to the doctor today I found out both kiddos have RSV.  RSV, really?  I thought we were passed this.  Elai had it about this time last year and  Josie just this fall.  So here we are at home, in our pj's of course.  Eating comfort food and watching movies.  If we have to be sick, this is definitely the way to live.  We even got a special visit from my visiting teacher, complete with orange juice and strawberries.  I think that is just what the doctor ordered.  She takes such good care of us.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.  So if you need me, you can find me cuddled up on the sofa with my kiddos.  Just trying to survive.

{I Scream, You Scream}

While taking a stroll down memory lane I ran across these pictures from our trip to Chicago during Christmas vacation.  I had almost forgot about them, so you can imagine how happy I was to run across them.  

We were at the Pier walking around.  It was pretty windy outside so we went inside out of the cold.  There were so many cute little shops there and there was a really fun Christmas tree festival.  While walking around we passed by Haagen Dazs and I convinced Zech we had to stop.

Elai was so excited for the ice cream, he of course asked for more.

Yes, he is licking it. Disgusting I know!

As we were leaving he noticed this large ice cream cone.  He fell in love!  He started acting crazy, running around in excitement.  I wish I could just take these moments and bottle them inside forever.  I love seeing how the "little things" can excite a child so much.

Tuesday, February 21

{I'm Sorry}

"I'm Sorry"
Two of the hardest words in the world to say.
Why is that anyway?
Aren't these the words that each of us want to hear?
Why do we long so much to hear them?
Why is it so hard to say them?
And what about forgiveness?  
Why is it so hard to forgive someone after they have said "I'm Sorry?"
Luckily Heavenly Father doesn't feel this way.
It's not hard for him to forgive.
I am so thankful for that.
The knowledge that he will always forgive, as long as I ask.
I'm thankful for repentance.
I'm thankful for my savior.
I'm thankful that he died so that I could be forgiven for my sins and weaknesses.
I'm just...thankful.
So as I go on I am going to try to say "I'm Sorry" more often.
And I'm going to try to forgive easily.
To not hold grudges.
I'm going to be like my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ.
I'm going to love unconditionally. 

{A Day of Love}

Elai and I had such an amazing Valentine's Day.  The kids and I started the but attending Elai's structured playgroup.  He had a blast there and him and I made Valentines for each other.  Then it was back home for some festivities of our own.  

Continuing on from Christmas, I decided it would be fun to make all of our Valentine's Day gifts, but to also make all the decorations.  We started with hanging the valentines we made at playgroup.  Then it was on to making heart shaped confetti.  We spend the entire early afternoon decorating for Daddy.

I made Zech a book of love coupons found here and also a book of 52 reason's why I love him.
He surprised me and I awoke to my favorite sugar cookies.  

I went all out and even made labels for our drinks and some fun games to play (thanks to these ladies).

And when Zech got home it was very apparent by this face that our hard work paid off.  We were able to enjoy a nice dinner consisting of clam chowder, crab legs, filet mignon, and salad as a family.  Followed by a fun outing for desert, just Zech and I.  

Wednesday, February 15

{The Men in My Life}

I have been blessed with two wonderful men in my life.  One big, one small.  First the big...he is the best father in the world.  I  really mean that.  Even though he is super busy with school he makes time everyday to spend quality time with the kids and I.  He may not be top of his class but at the end of the day he is still a great father and husband.  And isn't that what is most important after all?   

Then there is my little man.  He has my heart and boy does he know it.  He shows me his sweet smile followed by a hug and a kiss and how could I possibly say no.  He loves to do whatever it is I am doing at the time.  He loves cars, books and has a new found love of playing games with daddy. 

I feel especially lucky to have them both in my life for eternity.  I can't help but smile when I see the two of them together.  

I love hearing Elai say "come on daddy, come on."

I love that Zech isn't afraid to make a fool out of himself for the sake of making sure the kids are having fun.

And I love knowing that Families Are Forever!

Sunday, February 12

{Anther First}

I should know by now not to turn my back and leave Elai unattended.  Not even for a minute.  But I haven't and this is an example of what happens when I do.

Josie gets to experience her first cookie.

Of course mom walks into to find the happiest girl in the world.

 At least she is more then willing to share.

Even though there was a HUGE mess to clean up, I can't help but smile when I see the two of them getting along so well.

Saturday, February 11

{Mini Me}

This little boy is so much like me, sometimes it scares me.  We are both loud, temperamental, bossy, yet snugly and kind at the same time.  We like the same foods and especially the same deserts.  But there is something else we have in common...
 I have never seen him happier then when he has a "block" in his hand.
 I love that we can sit at the table together and I can work on my scrapbook and talk to him while he stamps paper to send to grandma. 
It just amazes me that Heavenly Father knew to send me this exact little boy.


 I swear this little girl is the happiest baby you could possibly come across.  Always happy, talking, smiling, except when... 
 You put fire in front of her face.  Then she doesn't know what to think.
 Lucky for her, she has a big brother that came to the rescue and blew out the candle.
 Then it was back to being happy and enjoying some cake.
And the end result, not to messy at all.  

Thursday, February 9

One of those days!

Today has been "one of those days."  You know the one that starts and nothing seems to go right.  Yep one of those.  I woke up this morning to a horrible headache that has been making it's appearance  every couple of days for the last three days.  The headache that makes you just wish you could go back to sleep or at least stay in bed all day.  Yes, that is how my day started off.  Next Elai woke up with the flu.  Yay  me, NOT.  I guess these sicknesses didn't realize I had things to do today.  So we canceled our plans and decided it would be an at home kind of day.  So it continued...

Well my day may have started out horrible but things sure changed quickly.  I realized I am supposed to be cooking a meal for a couple in our ward.  Well I couldn't possibly think of what I could make without having to leave the house and go to the store it finally hit me.  I would make some soup and some home made bread to go along with it.  My friend Bryton gave me a new wheat bread recipe that I am dying to try, so there it is I had my meal.  

I go and put Josie down for her morning nap and go into the kitchen to get started.  That's when I notice I have a little tag along.  So we get started.  Next thing we know Elai and I are dancing and laughing all around the kitchen.  It's moments like these that make be truly grateful to be able to stay at home with my children.  I mix up the bread and turn to Elai to find this...

I couldn't help but laugh.  I mean look how cute he is.  This little boy sure makes me smile.  How could I be mad?  I knew exactly what I had to do, start a flour fight.  And it was awesome!  

What started out a bad morning with a sick little boy has turned into a day of memories we will forever enjoy!
It's moments like this that make me stop and wonder why I am so blessed?  How did Heavenly Father know to send me this little boy??  How did he know that I needed Elai so much?

I love our moments like this and I can only pray that there will be many more to come.