Thursday, January 29

25 Random Things About Me Tag

1. I love circles, I want everything in my house to have circles on it. Just looking at them makes me smile.

2. My favorite food is pot roast and I would eat it every night if I could (It has to be beef though, I'm not a fan of pork).

3. Growing up I always hung out with "the guys" however when I meet a special girlfriend our bonds we make are for a lifetime.

4. I have never been crafty, but the last 6 months I have dreams of making crafts. However in my dreams they always turn out better then in real life.

5. I am a co-dependant of my mother. I have to talk to her everyday. And usually multiple times a day. Every year she goes on a two week camping trip where there is no cell service and it about kills me.

6. The greatest thing in my life is the gospel...what more can I say.

7. When I was little the only thing I wanted to me when I grew up was a mother. Now that the time is about here, it terrifies me.

8. I love to laugh.

9. I love meeting new people but whenever there is a large crowd I get shy. I'm more of a one on one person.

10. I had a ten year plan. Bank manager at 23, married at 25, and children at 30. Then I met Zech and everything changed.

11. Black and white movies are my favorite. I even like old foreign movies.

12. I want to me more like my grandmother. She is a smile and her faith is stronger than anyone else's I know.

13. I love to cook, but I don't like to try new things. In fact when we go out to eat, I always order the same things because they are safe. Then I convince Zech to order something new.

14. I hate frosting (Yes, Becky we have this in common). Everytime I eat cake, I scrap the frosting off. I made Zech have cheese cake at our wedding because I dislike frosting so much.

15. My mother saved my life when I was 14. I wouldn't be here today without her.

16. When I was 16 I convinced my mom to let me move to the city with my friends for school.

17. I like to entertain. I love having people over for dinner and putting place settings on the table.

18. I don't like to read, however for the past two days I haven't been able to put a book down.

19. I'm afraid of heights, going on the space needle made me throw up.

20. When I was seven I went through a stage where I wouldn't let anyone brush my hair. Everyone in town thought my sisters and I were neglected.

21. I was bald until I was 2. My mom used to tape bows on my head.

22. I love to salsa dance, but I love watching Zech salsa even more.

23. The first thing I ever drove was a combine.

24. I grew up in a town of only 940 people, where everybody knew everybody else's business and I loved it.

25. Family is the most important thing in the world to me. I wish we could be closer to everyone.

Tag: Donna and Bryton, it is your turns~!~

Tuesday, January 27

Brown-Sugar Pound Cupcakes!

Yesterday I made some delicious
Brown-Sugar Pound Cupcakes
for a lady's birthday that Zechary
home teaches. After delivering them
last night We had about 10 or so left.
We were robbed in the middle of the night!
Of Cupcakes I mean. I woke up and now there
are only a few left. I know it couldn't have
been my darling husband in the middle of the
night. I found the recipe on
I would recommend everyone try them.

Sunday, January 18

Becky Vip, this is for you!

I always here this talk about how you love Martha, so yesterday I found myelf exploring her website. All I can say is AMAZING. I am headed to the craft store tomorrow. I love it! Thanks for the pointer!

Friday, January 16

This is how I feel...

As we are trying to get ready for our sealing tomorrow I just now finally realized just how much I need to do. I'm trying to get everything done so we can be in Idaho Falls by 2:30 to pick up my parents. I don't know that everything will get done.

Sunday, January 4

My Testimony

Since I went to the temple for my endowment yesterday I felt as though I was obligated to bare my testimony in church. I personally only wanted to do it in RS however Zechary made me share in sacrament. And I say MADE ME. I'm not one that likes to talk in public, I am rather a one on one type of person. Sometimes I feel as though because I have not been a member for very long maybe my testimony isn't good enough and that people will make fun of me. However my fabulous mother-in-law asked if I would share this, so here you are Donna! Here is my testimony especially for you. Love you!

I want everyone to know I have a testimony of this Gospel. I know Jesus Christ lives and I know he atoned for our sins. I know my heavenly father loves me and knows me personally. I know he cares about me and I look forward to the day I can be with him again. After going through the temple yesterday I can know say, I have a testimony of the temple. Of the sweet yet strong spirit that is there. I know for certain that the temple is the house of the lord and the ordinances preformed there are God's true works. I have a testimony of the power of service. I often believe that I get more out of serving others then the people we are helping. I have personally experienced the blessings that come from visiting and home teaching. I have had the opportunity to experience changes in peoples lives because of it. I am thankful that Zech and I have had the chance to go out together and spend time with some of the inactive people in our ward. I'm so thankful for my husband and the great person and example that he is. I'm grateful that he pushes me to do things that I don't want to do. I"m thankful that we can be sealed in a few weeks and that we will get to be together with our family for eternity. I love the members of this church and the friendships I have made. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.