Tuesday, March 31

Elai's Day

Here is a day in the life of Elai Carter Rios.

7am- Wake up, get diaper changed, eat, then back to bed

11am- same as above

2pm-same as above except takes a nap with mom

5pm- wake up, get diaper changed, eat, then help dad with his homework

8pm- eat again, get diaper changed go to bed

wake up at midnight, and 3am to guess what...get diaper changed and eat.

So I thought now that Elai is here I would have more to blog about but for right now we live a pretty boring life!

Tuesday, March 24

Elai's First Pictures

Yesterday we had Elai's pictures done. Here are a few that were taken.

I have conquered...

NAIL BITING! I know how sick it is but all my life I have had the nasty habit of biting my nails. When I'm nervous or just bored I would chew away at my nails. The worst part of the whole ordeal is that I took a biology class in college where we looked under a microscope of the stuff we gathered from under our finger nails. I saw all those little creatures that live under there but that didn't stop me. I am happy to say however that ever since Elai was born, I have not bit my nails! They are the longest they have ever been. Two days ago I even had to trim them with nail clippers. While trimming my nails I had realized that was the first time I had ever had to clip my nails with clippers or had to use a nail file. So I'm pulling out the nail polish today and having a pretty day.

Friday, March 20

Happy Birthday Elai (one week)

Elai is officially one week old. It has been a week full of fun and exciting new experiences for all of us. Here are a few pictures that we had snapped this week.
I know what you are thinking, his neck must be hurting, but every time I try to straighten his head out he just puts it back.

Bath time!

Our first walk together.

Monday, March 16

We're Home!

We got to come home yesterday and boy are we excited. Zechary and I love having Elai at home in our own environment without nurses and doctors bugging us. Well except for our favorite nurse, Grandma Carbery aka Grammy Cow. We will miss her. It has been a long couple of days of nothing but nurses poking and prodding at our little man. They doctor let us come home yesterday afternoon but we don't have all of Elai's labs back yet and we have to take him back to the hospital on Wednesday for more poking and prodding. Overall everything seems to be going good so far though. We won't know about his heart until he sees the specialist in a few weeks. So right now, we are just loving spending time with our little guy at home.

Friday, March 13

He's Here!

Elia is officially here and we couldn't be more excited. I have a few minutes to post a quick blog since my mom has wireless Internet on her laptop and the nurses are drawing Elai's blood. Not everything went as perfect as plan, but Elai sure seems perfect. After delivery the doctors said that he is actually 4 weeks early therefore he is having a few respiratory issues. Nothing major, but they are going to keep us here for a few days to monitor him and they have to poke him a bunch. Overall he is really healthy though. We will post more pictures later! Keep us in your prayers~!~

Wednesday, March 11

Just Waiting...

Zechary and I got all of our Spring Cleaning/de-cluttering done yesterday. It feels so nice to have thrown away all the stuff that we don't need just lying around the house. We actually weren't planning to do our spring cleaning, we were just going to tidy up the house. But Zech got really into it and I thought since he didn't have class yesterday we better take advantage of our time before our little man gets here. I also packed my bag for the hospital so now we just have to wait for when it is time to go. I never would have believed I would still be pregnant at 37.5 weeks, after all I was in labor at 27 weeks. The doctor told me over two weeks ago I would have Elai within two weeks, but I guessed he showed her who is boss. I know he will come when he is ready, I just hope it's soon! Zech thinks it's funny to tease me that Elai will be three weeks late. I guess only time will tell. I do have to say that the last few days have been really easy for me. Lately I haven't felt good but these last few days I have felt pretty good however I have been sleeping alot!!! I even told Zechary if everyday was like today I wouldn't mind being pregnant again.

Monday, March 9

Baby Shower #2

Baby shower #2 is officially over! Zech says now I can have Elai. It was so much fun. I really love all the ladies in our ward. They are all such kind women and they all give such great advice. The shower ended at about 7:30 but Zech and I just got home. Some of the ladies and their husbands decided to go to Applebee's after the shower so of course we had to go. I swear it was the Alameda 2nd Ward's Night to go to Applebees. There were church members everywhere. It was great. I'm so thankful for my dear friends I have met at this ward, and of course also Anjillee and Bryton. Oh and there will be no pictures due to me forgetting my camera!

Saturday, March 7

My Breakfast

I woke up this morning to one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast. Zechary made me eggs in a basket! Other then that it has been a pretty lazy morning for me. Zech is doing homework and has been since 7am with the exception of making breakfast and driving the missionaries somewhere. It is now 10:30 and I am still in my pjs unshowered, laying on the couch. What a beautiful Saturday morning!