Saturday, October 29

I'm back!

I know I said before that I would be back to blogging soon but this time I mean it.  I have been so busy lately.  Then with Josie being sick and now being sick myself,  it just didn't happen.  But here is a little run down of what we have been up to. Zech is busy with school so I find myself having a lot of free time with the kids.  I have been trying to do some kind of special activity with them each day.  It has been so much fun, Elai has really taken to doing crafts, baking, and SEWING.  He thinks it is the best thing on earth to help me put the foot down on my sewing machine.  I have also been trying hard to take the kids on special outings.  We were able to go to the pumpkin patch, kids museum as well as go with the church's preschool to tour the tractor store.  Elai was most excited about the last activity.

Some of you might not know this, but Elai is a farmer at heart.  He loves riding tractors and watering my plants.  He thinks it's fun to dig in the dirt and likes to harvest and prepare all of the produce. 

Josie has recently been learning all kinds of new tricks, crawling, talking, and even helping me fold the clothes.  Well she thinks she is helping, really...just making things harder.  I still enjoy it though.  She recently turned 9 months old.  I can't believe how fast time has flown.  I feel very blessed that she was able to join our family.  Elai loves her so much.  I often enter the room to find him "helping" his sister. 

Here is one of Josie's 9 month pictures.  I haven't formally done a  9 month photo shoot yet, so more to come soon.  Speaking of photo shoots.  I have been busy with my photography business, Moments By Emiley.  Feel free to check out my facebook page.  I hope to have a website up soon.  Here are a few recent photos I have done.

Well that's about all we have been up to.  We love it here in Urbana.  We have been able to meet many wonderful people and feel blessed to have them in our lives.  Though this is a stressful time in our lives we are trying to make the most of it.