Friday, April 27

{Taking things in}

Lately I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with everything going on in my life.
During these times, I have experienced more joy then I thought was possible.
Everything seems to be winding down.
Finals are coming up.
We move in less then a month.
Zech is getting everything ready for his training this summer.
The kids are growing up WAY to fast.
We all caught the flu.
I became an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay.
With everything going on I have decided to take a step back.
To examine what is most important in my life.
I have been spending all my free time away from the computer.
That way I can take in all the wonderful little moments everyday. 
And I have been blessed from doing this.
I have been able to really see a difference in my children.  
I am so grateful.
So there it is, the reason I haven't been online lately. 
Sorry, but I don't foresee  it changing anytime soon.
Until next time...

Friday, April 6

{Surprising Daddy}

It's spring!  We have great weather, the sun is shining.  What does this mean?  It's time to for a picnic.  We had the opportunity to surprise Daddy at school with a picnic lunch.  

Elai loved that he got to see his daddy during the middle of the day and Josie really enjoyed crawling around in the grass.  I wish we could just bottle up these days and make them last forever.  I am hoping for many more picnics before our time here is over.

Wednesday, April 4

{Good Hygiene}

Yep, that is what we are practicing.  I am so glad that our kids get excited about practicing good hygiene. From brushing and flossing their teeth to baths or washing their hands.  They both love to do it all.

Josie is at that age right now where she especially loves brushing her teeth.  And doesn't she look cute doing so?

Elai recently had really started to enjoy flossing.

In fact he loves it so much that I have to hide the floss or he will use it all in one day.

I never thought that teaching my children the little, yet important, things in life could be so rewarding.

Sunday, April 1

{Georgia Temple Trip}

While in Georgia we were able to attend the Georgia temple with grandma.

There is no better place then temple grounds.

And the sweet spirit that is there.

The Georgia temple is also where Zech's parents were married almost 27 years ago!

Not sure what he was doing here.  I can never keep him in line.

Overall a great day!