Sunday, January 29

Josie is one!

(Josie's First Pony Tail)

Well it's official, my little girl is growing up.  On Thursday the 26th Miss Josie turned one year old.  It's hard to think about all the things that have happened in this last year.  We went from one child to two.  Having a newborn to having a little girl that chases around after her brother.

Elai and Josie are best friends.  I often hear Elai throughout the day saying, "Come on Josie, Come on." Then about 15 seconds later  I will see her following him into their bedroom.  When Josie cries Elai always tries to comfort her, sometimes that means he is telling me she is crying, trying to give her a bottle, taking a toy to her, or getting into her bed with her to play.

I have to admit when I was pregnant I had a lot of mixed feelings.  Feelings of excitement but also sorrow.  Sorrow for Elai.  I was afraid that he would feel forgotten.  Or that I wouldn't be able to divide my time between the two kids.  I wondered if I would be able to love Josie as much as I loved Elai.  So seeing just how much they love each other means the world to me.  I try my hardest to spend time with each child individually everyday.  Josie and I wake up an hour before Elai everyday for Mommy-daughter time, then she goes to sleep an hour before Elai so him and I can spend Mommy-son time.

Life is crazy with a one year old and an almost three year old.  I am so excited to think about all the fun things that are to come this year.  I'm looking forward to warm weather and picnics in the park.  Going on walks and  looking for treasures along the way.  Taking the kids swimming and camping.  Eating smores and having cookouts.