Sunday, December 26


As I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself that I can't seem to get comfortable enough to go to sleep it dawned on me just how lucky I am. I am able to carry children. I have true love in my life. I have a wonderful husband that works so hard so I can stay at home and watch the kids grow. He cooks me dinner when I'm tired. I have a warm place that I call home and an abundance of food in the cupboards. I have friends and family that care deeply about me, that call me just to say hello. I have all kinds of kitchen and craft toys to play with. I know the gospel is true. I know my father loves me. I have a savior who payed the ultimate price for me. I would be ungrateful to sit here and sulk knowing that some people don't have these things.

Monday, December 20


(Houston, Tx LDS Temple)
Lately I have been really struggling with all of the Equal Rights stuff going on with Gays. Normally when it comes to controversial issues, I'm not the type of person to speak out. As I have learned over the years that some people are pig headed and it's just not worth the fight. However on this issue I cannot just stand back and say nothing. Growing up I was taught by my wonderful mother not to judge others. This has been a difficult task for me. She lead by example and excepted all, no matter the color of their skin, religious or sexual beliefs. I always tried hard to follow her example. Now we are at a time in this life where the government of our country is basically saying it's okay to be gay. This truly breaks my heart. As I think of Elai growing up in a country that takes away from what we believe it makes me sick to my stomach. So after hearing about these "Equal Rights" there is one thing this has taught me. I now have such a stronger testimony in Eternal Families. That marriage is really meant to be between a man and a woman. I am so thankful to be sealed to my husband and our children from time and all eternity. Though I don't look down on people who choose another path, I will not pretend that it is okay. I love my family and my savior Jesus Christ. I look forward to living with my Father in Heaven again. Until then, I will try my best to teach my family the principles of the gospel.

Monday, December 13

My $1.56 Shopping Trip!

Albertsons was having a double coupon day today so I had to run over to see what kind of deals I could get. I was so excited when I returned home. I was able to get 5 boxes of Keebler crackers, 5 Colgate toothpastes, 10 Clorox to go packs, and 2 three packs of ivory soaps all for $1.56. Normally when it comes to doublers I only grab the free deals, but I thought I would pay a little for the crackers since Elai has been going through so many. On my was home from Albertsons I stopped by Walgreens and got 4 (1 is not pictured because Zech opened them the moment I got home) large bags of M&Ms without paying anything out of pocket. Santa also got stocking stuffers! Overall I would say today was a great day for bargains. The only problem I ran into was that the stores weren't completely stocked so I couldn't get everything I was hoping for.

FHE-Ginger Bread Train

As I was thinking of a FHE activity to do tonight, I realized I don't think I had ever made a ginger bread house before. So I decided I have went too many years without this Christmas activity in my life and ran to the store for a kit. While I didn't end up buying a house, I did get a train kit.
Though neither Zech nor I are professional decorators by any means, we had a great time.
Elai enjoyed the candy

Don't judge me, I already know I am huge

Elai realizing the train smelled

Zech hard at work decorating

Tada! The finished project!