Friday, April 23


Moving Boxes=Free Entertainment

Saturday, April 17

What kind of parents would we be if we didn't take advantage of this beautiful weather? We headed straight to the park after breakfast.

Wednesday, April 14

Our Doctor's Visit

Yesterday we took a trip to the dr to find out that Elai does not have the chicken pox but instead has the fifth disease virus. I'm not completely sure what it is all I know is that he has a horrible rash that gets worse in the sunlight and cold symptoms. There is nothing they do to treat it, the virus just has to run it's course. As you can see, Elai was having a great time waiting for the dr to come in the exam room. He thought it was so funny that he could climb into the strollers basket.

Tuesday, April 13

I ran across these pictures today while trying to find some photos to scrapbook. Thought I would share them.

I love this one, it makes me laugh.
I can't believe how fast Elai is growing up.

Wednesday, April 7

How could you...

Not smile at this little boy. I hope your day is filled with love and laughter.

Monday, April 5

A Great Weekend...

We had such a great weekend. In between Saturday's general conference sessions we headed up to the church for our stake's Easter egg hunt. It was so cute to watch Elai hunting the eggs. He was so amazed by all the eggs that he didn't want to put them in his basket, he wanted to hold them all. We were able to watch conference at home which was very nice. On Saturday night while Zech was at the priesthood meeting I attended the Deseret Book Womens Night with some ladies from my ward. Here are a few pictures we took.
Since the weather has been bad the Easter bunny set up a hunt in our living room. When Elai woke up and saw the eggs he started running around screaming with joy.

Elai got some bubbles from the Easter bunny. He loved them so much. He kept saying "Mo Mo."
Over all we had a great time. It was so nice to be able to hear from our church leaders and to be able to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.