Monday, April 27

Good Bye Pump!!!

You know you live a boring life when the only thing you have to blog about is your breast pump. Well most of you don't know about the horrible experience I had with nursing when Elai was born. He would not breast feed at all. The doctor told me that it was because he was early and sucking was just too hard for him. It broke my heart, I thought it was all my fault and that I was doing something wrong. But I was determined to have him drink breast milk so the hospital got us a pump. For the last six and a half weeks I have been pumping 8-12 times a day. But then our luck changed. On Saturday I decided I would try to nurse Elai and to my surprise he did it! I didn't think he would ever nurse because he had been taking a bottle for so long but he did and I am super excited! Oh and on another note, I have seemed to misplace my camera somewhere right after taking tons of new pictures of our little guy.

Thursday, April 16

Elai Pictures

It has been crazy around our house over the past few weeks, hence the no blogging. We had a great conference weekend with a visit from the Rios'. Followed by Elai and I taking a visit to see Auntie Staci, Devin and Grandma and Grandpa Carbery. Then the long drive back from Montana. Other than that not much has been happening. Zech is as busy as ever with school and homework and Elai and I get to hang out together all day. Here are a few pictures that we have taken over the last few days.

There is a story behind this one. Every time Elai sits in this chair he tilts his head to the side. Grandpa Rios found that if you put a few diapers behind his head, it stays straight!