Monday, November 16

Yesterday I walked out of the bedroom to find this...

Elai had figured out how to climb in the toys basket. He loved it in there. In fact when I took him out he was not happy at all!

Friday, November 6

I'm sitting here watching my little boy pull himself up to stand. I watch him grow and learn new things everyday and wonder how in the world did heavenly father know that we needed 10 little toes in order to have perfect balance. How did he know that without a tongue we wouldn't be able to taste. The body really does amaze me. It is such a wonderful peace of art. But as I sit here watching my little boy grow up I'm thankful for a health little boy. I'm thankful that he has two legs to stand. I'm thankful that he has to eyes to see and that he can crawl to his mom. I'm thankful that my heavenly father gave me the experience of motherhood and the joy that comes with it.

Wednesday, November 4

Elai's first Halloween!

Elai's first Halloween was great! He was the cutest pirate ever, if I do say so myself. Zech had to work a half day so we decided to surprise him in costume. The nursing home residents loved seeing Elai and we came home with a huge bag of candy. We kept telling them Elai was to young but then insisted so Zech gladly accepted the candy! Here are a few photos.

Monday, November 2

And More!

Here are a few more of Elai's six month pictures~!~

Better late then never!

Here are a few of Elai's six month pictures! He is getting so big, it just amazes me. He is sitting up by himself, crawling, and holding his own bottle. He would rather play with his toys then have me hold him, which breaks my heart! I hope you enjoy!