Tuesday, April 5

Look What I Got!

I have had great success this week shopping at Albertsons and Walmart.

When Josie was born we received a diaper bag from the hospital with Lysol coupons inside. I knew if I waited for the right time to buy some, I could get them for free. Well it happened! I got all of this stuff for only $1.68 (just tax). I love Albertsons doublers! So here is what I got:

- 4 bottles Ken's salad dressing

- 5 2pk Olay bar soaps

-5 oral b toothbrushes

- 3 reach flosses

-3 bottles of Lysol wipes (these are like gold at our house)

- 2 bottles of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner

-1 bottle of Lysol kitchen cleaner

- 2 bottles of Lysol bathroom cleaner

- 2 bottles of Lysol all purpose cleaner

Over all a great shopping trip!