Sunday, February 20

The boys and the car

Zech's family is here this weekend for Josie's blessing. And everybody that knows Elai knows how much he loves his car. What we didn't know is...
how much Nathan would love his car.

I don't know who likes it more..

Or Nathan?

Lucky for Elai, Nathan leaves tonight so he can have it all to himself again.

Monday, February 7

Josie's Birth

As my due date of Feb 4th grew closer it was apparent that little miss Josie was not going to follow in big brother's footsteps by blessing our lives six weeks early. So as Feb 4th started getting closer, I decided that I wanted to be induced so that Zech would be here for the arrival of our baby girl, as he was scheduled for an interview in Maryland on the 4th. On the 25th of Jan I went in for what would be my last appointment before I was scheduled to be induced on the 27th. I was already dilated to a 4 for some time now, so while in the office my dr. striped my membranes. The doctor told me that often women will go into labor 24-48 hours after the striping but if I hadn't gone by 4am on the 27th to come into the hospital and she would start the induction.

For the rest of the day I kept hoping this would be it. That we would finally be able to meet our baby girl, who we so desperately awaited for. But nothing changed. No contractions, no nothing. As the day came to an end I started to get nervous about being induced. I contemplated not following through with it for I was worried that just maybe Josie wasn't quite ready yet and that it might be better for us to just wait. But Josie had other plans in mind.
The next morning (Jan 26th) I woke up about 8am to Elai, just like any other morning. I still wasn't contracting but when I went into the bathroom I noticed a lot of blood. As a precaution the doctor decided I better go to labor and delivery to get checked out, all along assuming everything was normal and that the bleeding was caused by the striping of my membranes the day before. So I got ready and Zech took me into the hospital.
When we got to the hospital at 9 am we were notified that the doctor had just went in to do a c-section and that there were three of them planned back to back. That it might be a while until he would have a chance to come check me. Again the nurse told me what I was experiencing was probably just from the striping of my membranes and that I would probably be going home after the doctor came and examined me. But Josie had other plans.

Within the first hour of being there I started having contractions, and they were only four minutes apart. When the doctor came in I was at a 5 so they decided to keep me. Josie Faye was going to make her grand entrance later that day!

There were many other c-sections planned for that day so the doctor wasn't able to break my water until around 2pm. I had already had my epidural so once my water was broke things moved very quickly and within a hour Josie Faye Rios made her grand entrance into this world. She was born at 3:12 pm.

Everything went so sooth, with the exception of my epidural not working correctly. It was a wonderful experience for Zech and I. I was feeling great and couldn't wait to take our baby girl home.

Tuesday, February 1

Time goes by...

Josie Faye 6lbs 15ozCheck Spelling

Just six days ago our world as we know it forever changed as we welcomed Josie Faye into our family. Her sweet spirit has filled our home and brought joy to our lives. It's funny to think that last year at this time I was still mourning the loss of our unborn child. While this year we celebrate a very precious gift. I don't know why things happen the way they do but I am so thankful to have Josie here with us. After all the worrying and precautions we did to ensure the pregnancy would last, she is here and very healthy. Heavenly father knew we needed her sweet spirit as he chose to send her to us.