Saturday, December 27

Going to the Temple~!~

And we're going to the temple and we're gonna get married....okay so we are already married but we are going to get sealed. Finally the time has come. I have been a member for a year now, well not officially until the 30th of December but close enough. Next Saturday I am going to the Idaho Falls temple for my endowment and then we will be getting sealed Jan 17th in the Rexburg temple. We are very excited for this wonderful day to come. We hope that you can all join us at 11am!

Sunday, December 14

The Power of Home Teaching

Two weeks ago, the last Sunday of the month, Zechary was in a rush to get his home teaching done. It was his companions turn to schedule visits but that never happened. Since Zech is secretary of the E.Q. and his main job is to bug people about getting their home teaching done he was in a panic. Here it was the last day of the month and he needed to visit five families and his companion was unavailable. So being the good wife that I am, I went with him. I am pleased to say that we got all of our visits done but even more pleased that we found an inactive member. We went to her house and after hearing we were from the church she let us in. We shared our lesson that Zechary prepared and then we both shared our testimonies. We invited her to church and offered her a ride. The next Saturday night she called and asked if we could still give her a ride. We of course said yes. She stayed for all three meetings and during a break she mentioned she had not been to church for over a year. Well last night was our ward Christmas party, which was amazing but that is besides the point. We tried to call this member to invite her to go with us but her phone was disconnected. As we were getting ready to go Zechary got a phone call and it was her. She wanted to tell us that she was sick and couldn't make it to church. Zech told her about the party and said there would be a free meal and invited her and her friend to come. She agreed and we picked the two of them up. They had a great time. Everyone was very kind towards them, which doesn't always happen in our ward. They felt very welcome. On the way to drop them off, Zechary invited them to attend church with us today. After a few mins of silence, the friend of the inactive woman mentioned he didn't feel comfortable because he didn't have anything to wear. Well we fixed that! I offered some of Zech's old clothes and I am going by to pick them up at 12:15. I have already seen the changes in this woman's life. It brings me great happiness to know that Zech and I were involved in bringing it. I don't know if I will ever share to this woman at the testimony which she helped me grow, but it wasn't until I met her that I realized just how important home teaching and visiting teaching are.