Sunday, August 28

Life on the Farm

As summer is coming to an end I can't help but think about the wonderful time we spent in Montana. Yesterday as I was shucking corn that I had picked up from the farmers market my mind kept going back the the garden in Montana. Oh how I wish I had got to spend more time in that garden. It's funny how all your worries can disappear in such a place. Elai was very fond of it also. Especially when it came to the watering duties. He misses the "ladies" so much and asks me everyday if we can go see them to get the eggs. Our family grew so much there. Elai grew so much and really started talking. Josie went from sleeping all day to eating solid food. It's hard to believe that it has already been almost a month since we left. Everything is so different now. Instead of peace and serenity we are in a place that goes goes goes. Instead of dairy farms and mountains we have corn fields. And inplace of our families we have our ward family. Though things are sure different we couldn't imagine a better place to be.

I never thought I would say this but Montana definitely has a place in my heart.

Campus Tour

Tonight Zechary took me on a stroll of campus. We had such a great time walking around looking at all the old buildings. In the center of campus they have this statue which is supposed to be famous so I figured I had better take a picture of it.

We are not in Idaho any more! On all of the campus buildings you will find tornado shelter signs.

I really love all of the buildings on campus, they are not like any other campus buildings I have seen before (I know it's not saying much, I am sheltered!). Most of the buildings look like mansions.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Well week one of medical school is finished and we have survived! We are excited to be here and to explore everything. Things are sure different here so we are trying to just take in as much as possible. I have met some great ladies who have husbands in the MD program with Zech. It's nice to have a support system here since our family is so far away. We have been having lots of fun and will try and share some of our experiences along the way.

Saturday, August 13

We have arrived!

Wow it has been forever since I updated this thing! To give me credit...I have got on a couple of times and tried to upload pictures but my images were to large and I haven't had the time to change the sizes. A lot has happened since I last posted. Josie is six months old now...I think she was about 3 weeks last post. Elai talks so much, his new favorite saying is "No Way." He is so much fun! We have moved and Zech is starting medical school on Monday. I have started a photography business, which I am really excited about! Other then that we were just relaxing in Montana for the summer. But it's about time for us to get back to the real world now.

We have been in Urbana for a little over a week now. Things are finally starting to come together. We are unpacked, for the most part. We were able to attend church last Sunday and LOVE the new ward. Everyone is really friendly. I was a little worried coming out here that it would be hard for me to meet people since I stay home with the kids but I have met so many people. Elai loves our new apartment. We have four neighbor kids that he gets to play with. I am already feeling sad that we have to leave next summer. You see Zech's first year of medical school is in Urbana, but this second through fourth are in Rockford. Oh well we will worry about that later, but in the mean time we are going to enjoy our time here.

Our trip over took 4 days, we actually had planned for 5 but were able to drive longer one day. Surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. We drove about 6 hours a day and made stops about every 2 hours for the kids.

Elai loved it when we stoped. He would run to the back of the car and sit on the tailgate. He thought it was really cool.

Elai drove with his daddy in the "Big Truck" while Josie and I followed behind in our car.

We saw a few things along the hay rolls in the middle of the interstate (and I thought Montana people were rednecks)

And as we passed through Iowa were went right through the Missouri River flooding. It was crazy. I have never experienced sand walls on the interstate. We also stoped in Rapid City and took a trip to Mount Rushmore, but more on that to come.

But we are here now and enjoying our new home. And we are really excited for this new chapter in our lives.