Monday, January 17

Two Years and Counting

Two years ago today marked a very special time in our lives, for Zechary and I were able to be sealed in the Rexburg Temple for time and all eternity. I remember the day as if it were yesterday. Some of our family and closest friends joined us for this special occasion. Little did we know that this event would forever change our lives.
After a lot of consideration we decided to get married civilly in July of 2008. I had only been a member of the church for 5 months and we decided that we didn't want to wait to be married. Both of us knew we wanted to be sealed as soon as I had been a member a year and could go through the temple so we made our reservation far in advanced and went on with the July wedding plans. We had a beautiful garden wedding with our family and friends present. It was amazing, but something felt like it was missing.
It wasn't long after we were married that we found out we were pregnant. We were so excited however the news put even more pressure on us to make sure we went through the temple in January. We wanted to make sure our children were born under the covenant.
On January 17, 2009 we were finally able to go to the temple to be sealed. It was a hard road getting there, Satan was definitely trying to make sure we didn't make it. But we did it and our lives were changed forever. We learned to appreciate each other so much more. Elai was born a few months later it and what a blessing it was knowing that the three of us would be together forever.
I am so grateful for our little family and the opportunity that our Heavenly Father has given us to be together forever. I'm thankful that I know that no matter what happens here on earth, we can be together again.