Saturday, July 11

Summer is Here!

Zech is finally finished with summer school which means we can start to enjoy our summer. We have tons planned. Next week is camping in Yellowstone, followed by a baby blessing. After that on to Montana to visit our families. I love that they live in the same town, it makes it easier. Even though Zech has been going to school this summer, we have made the most out of our rainy summer. We have taken advantage of they park that is only half a block a way and had a great 4th with our family and friends here. It's even okay that we got rained out. Another exciting thing is that Elai has started to eat baby food! Just cerial and peas so far. I was so worried he wouldn't like peas because they are my favorite but he loves them just as much as I do. Here are some random pictures I was able to catch seeing that I always seem to forget my camera!