Monday, July 9

Two Weeks One Day!!!

First off here are some random pictures just because I have cute kids.  Seriously...look how cute they are.

Wow, we are getting so close to Zech's arrival.  I guess you could say I am more then a little excited.  
Excited to see my hubby.
Excited to meet my baby boy.  
Excited for life to go back to "normal."

But I have been busy here at home which makes Zech's training seem to go by fast.   I have been unpacking and setting up every room, I mean all of them.  Since Zech has to go back to school only two weeks after he gets home I decided that I didn't want to waste our time together unpacking.  So Lisa and I have tackled just about every project with the exception of hanging pictures.  I have never been good at that.

Yesterday I attended church by myself.  The kids have a little bit of a stomach bug so they stayed home with Lisa while I attended then she went in the afternoon to the singles branch.  I'm pretty sure I have the pitty of everyone in our ward.  Everyone is so friendly and tries to help me even when I don't need the help.  I have recently been called to the primary which is exciting.  I have never been in the primary or attended primary so this should be an exciting experience.  Yesterday was my first week and I love the kids already.  I can't wait until next year when Elai gets to be a sunbeam.

Besides that I thought it would be fun to once again see just how frugal we could be.  Yes, I am on another kick.  With a new baby on his way and moving to a new house we did have to buy a few things.  But besides that I am on a spending slash.  I do this about once a year.  I think it's fun to see just how much money we can save or how much debt we can payoff.  In our new stake one of the goals each stake conference is to save one months worth of debts or to pay an additional month of debt each six months. This excited me and well I am back in the game and have been able to save another full month's worth of our debts.  This may not seem like a big deal to everyone but those of us that live on a student's budget understand how exciting this is for us.  The best part, Zech doesn't know yet.  He will be thrilled when he gets home and finds out.  I'm actually starting to wonder if he thinks I am on a spending craze while he is gone.  

Another fun fact!  Donna Rios is coming tomorrow!  Yay, we can't wait for grandma to get here.  I will be picking her up from Chicago tomorrow night.  She will be staying with us until the first week of August when the rest of the Rios clan will be joining us for our baby's blessing.  Elai is counting "sleeps" until she gets here.  Only one more to go!  

So the countdown continues and each day we get closer to Zech's return, the more excited we get.  Elai is telling everyone that his daddy is "at the army."  He also recently told me he wants to be a military officer just like his daddy.  He sure makes me heart melt.