Monday, August 31

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend! I talked Zech into taking Friday off so we could attend our ward camp out. It was great fun and we got to meet tons of new people. We came home Saturday so Zech could go to work but he was sent home as the extra. So we enjoyed a nice dinner with some friends, put Elai to bed and rented a video. On Sunday we had church, then I got addicted to the new family search. After Zech had to take the computer away we went to some friends house for game night. Of course once again, I forgot my camera. I really have to do better at this camera thing. Overall a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 26

Cold butts and beer!

Another semester started for Zechary yesterday. And he is already eager to finish it. Since we are pretty much just homebodies we decided to try and make a point to go to some of the activities around campus. So last night we attended one of the biggest back to school events, Cold Butts and Beer but before going we had a great time visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Turley, followed by a great fondue dinner by the Rankins! Zechary had a great time ice blocking while I sat and watched while drinking the home made root beer. We had a great time and I somehow managed to forget my camera!

Discovering Leaves

It's back to school time which means a week full of fun activities! Since we attend the university ward it wouldn't be appropriate to not have a back to school shindig. Therefore Monday night we had the annual group FHE. This year was even better then last! It consisted of a variety show in which all of the bishopric members from the stake participated in. What great fun! And of course it wouldn't be a Mormon activity without food! So we had dinner as well. But the best part of all was when Elai noticed the leaves. He was fascinated by them. It was fun to watch him pick them, and difficult to try and keep them out of his mouth. Everyday seems to be a new adventure with this little one.

Friday, August 21

It came!

There is no time for blogging right now, my circut machine arrived!

Monday, August 17

Cheese Please

After doing some allergy testing on Elai last Friday, we have found out he is allergic to dairy. So what does that mean? No dairy for me. I know it doesn't seem like that big of a deal but let me explain my daily meal plan.

Breakfast- Yogurt Smoothie
Snack-Cheese Stick
Lunch-Whatever I decide to make
Snack-Cheese and crackers, or cottage cheese and fruit
Dinner-Whatever I decide to make and a big glass of milk
Snack-Chocolate Milkshake

Now you see my problem? While I decided since breast milk is still best for my baby I would give up dairy completely. It has been hard but I'm doing it. I have however decided that as soon as I'm done nursing we are going to Farr's for a double scoop ice cream cone.

Tuesday, August 4

My Birthday!

So far today I have had a great birthday. It included spending time with my mom and brother. Eating a fabulous lunch and coming home to a great surprise! Zech got off work early so we could spend the evening together. As I was driving home from lunch with my mom it really got me to thinking about where Zech and I were at a year ago today. I recall going to work and coming home to a special birthday dinner Zech had made for me, only to not be able to eat it. I was sick! We had just got home from our Honey moon and I thought I had caught a bug in Mexico. Then after going to the doctor the next day I found out we were having a bug named Elai! We lived in a tiny one bedroom apt and I was working full time at Wells while Zech was doing a summer internship. Wow that seems like forever ago. Since then many exciting things have happened; moving not once but twice, we got sealed in the Rexburg temple, I quit my job, and of course WE HAD ELAI! Over all I would have to say, I had a great year!

Monday, August 3

Day One~!~

It's day one of our new diet. Zechary and I have started weight watchers. I'm wanting to loose the rest of my baby weight plus an extra 10lbs and Zech wants to get back into shape. So how are we doing? I'm fabulous, due to the fact that I'm nursing I get 10 extra points per day which is more then enough. How about Zechary? He thinks he is dying. He is really trying hard, but he has such a sweet tooth. I think he will be just fine after the first few days are over but for now he is already talking quits.