Saturday, November 29

Elai Carter Rios

Here he is, Elai's first debut.

Friday, November 21

Our Finished Product

That's right, Zech and I have finally finished our home made Christmas presents. And I do have to say they look fabulous thanks to Zechary's amazing ribbon tying skills. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to tie them so he stepped in and did the finishing touches. I'm so very grateful for such a wonderful husband who doesn't mind helping me with all my silly little projects. And I'm so thankful that he doesn't complain at all the crafts that I have going on at once. He still lets me by all the stuff I need even when I do ten crafts at a time. I just love Zechary, he is truly amazing. I do think he really got into the ribbon tying though, he started to tell me that some of them didn't look good!

Tuesday, November 18

We have conquered Canning!

In my family it is a tradition that every year for Christmas we give home made gifts. Things that we can make for $5 or under. About a month ago I was trying to decide what I was going to throw together. I couldn't think of anything! Then it hit me. I love spaghetti! I decided to make and can home made spaghetti sauce. So I went out and bought the jars and all the ingredients I needed. Then I just had to find a caner, I ended up borrowing one from a lady in our ward. The only problem is that she didn't have any instructions and had never used it herself. After bugging Donna almost everyday for a couple of weeks and doing some research online I figured out how to use the thing! We were all ready to go, and then we found out the caner is to heavy to use on a glass top stove. Somebody suggested we use it on the bbq, but we found the water wasn't boiling (later we found out we weren't doing it right so that is why the water wasn't boiling!). Well we finally found a solution! Zech and I put everything in the car and drove to our friends house and used their stove!!! We are finally done, and it worked! Our first canning experience worked out perfectly. Though we stumbled along the way, we never gave up. Here are a few pictures of us trying to figure out the bbq situation!

Our First Pie~!~

Zechary and I are attending an eternal marriage class every Thursday. During each class the teachers try to teach us a skill that we can actually use. Last Thursday we learned how to make home made pie. It was really exciting. We have made two since! Here is a picture of our very first cherry pie. Oh course it had to be cherry, Zech always wins! I wanted apple but he put out his bottom lip so I just had to give in.

Wednesday, November 12

Pampered Chef~!~

So as most of you already know I have been selling pampered chef for a few months now, and I just have to brag about how fun it is. There is nothing better then a girls night/cooking show. I recommend all of you have one. I am the biggest pampered chef fan and now I get paid to do my Hobbie. I love just love it!

Tuesday, November 11

A Night At The Park~!~

The other night Zech and I decided to go play at the park with some friends. Here are a few pictures (Wow, my belly is getting so big!!!).

Saturday, November 8

I'm a mean wife!

My poor husband had to work the graveyard shift then go straight from work to take a 4 hour long practice MCAT test. When he finally got home, his wife didn't have the bed made for him. I washed our sheets this morning but they weren't finished in time when Zechary got home. I am the meanest wife in the whole world. He just grabbed a pillow and and extra blanket and there he sleeps anyways.