Friday, February 27

Sales Galore!!!

I have been going crazy the past few days at not being able to leave my bedroom. With me being on bed rest and the fact that we have had a few floods in our apartment in the past few weeks. I'm not to go into the living room because of the mildew that the boys are trying to clean up. So I have been confined to my bedroom. It is awful. So today with Zech skiing I convinced him I needed to get out of the house for just a few hours to get some fresh air and pick up somethings. He didn't mind since he needs some new shirts anyways and he doesn't care enough about clothes to go to the store. What a surprise I found when I went into our little mall! Sales everywhere. Aeropostale had Polo shirts buy one get one free which was perfect because Zech wanted four new ones. Then next I stopped by Sears to visit a friend that works there and . found Docker dress shirts for $9.99. After that I went by JC Penny to return some pants Zech got as a Christmas present. They had Levi's on sale. I wasn't that excited because they always have them on sale but they were $19.99. My last stop was my favorite...American Eagle. They had everything on sale. I just wish I wasn't pregnant. I had been taking Lyric's advice about not buying maternity clothes (have you seen them, yuck!) and just buying a size large shirt but now that I am coming to the end I didn't want to buy large shirts anymore. But I did find a few things for Zech. Overall I had a great morning and found a ton of great deals!

Thursday, February 19

Baby Shower #1

Last Saturday Zech and I made our journey to Montana/Spokane where I had the first of two baby showers. It was a long trip. We flew over Friday evening, after our first plane was canceled, drove three hours to Montana just to turn around and go back Saturday for the baby shower. Over all it was very fun. Here is what we did...
Guess the baby food....
It wouldn't have been a party without eating...

Opened Gifts, Eden was of course my favorite gift...

And Nicole showed us how be the champ of the baby bottle drinking contest.

Overall it was very fun, and we got tons of stuff for our little guy. Now...we just have to find room for it all!

Wednesday, February 18

Thanks Nicole!

Thanks for the sweet picture. We love you!

Friday, February 6

Belly Pictures

I thought maybe it was time to post a few new belly pictures.
These were taken the Jan. 16th, the night before our sealing.

Our Excitement~!~

Yesterday Zech and I woke up to a funny smell. We traced it to one of our water heaters.
It was flooding our storage room.

You can't really tell, but the pictures above and below show all the water on the floor.

So we got a new water heater, but our landlord got the wrong size. It was double in
size so it doesn't fit. We are praying that we can have hot water again sometime
today. The worst part about the situation is that we had to take everything out of the storage
room and put it temporarily in the Elai's room until the new water heater gets installed. I know
it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but I just put all the stuff in the storage room
a few weeks ago! At least nothing was ruined.

Lots of Puppies~!~

There is lots of excitement going on
at my mom's house. Both dogs had puppies!
Lola had 10!

And Charlie had 5!

They are all so cute wouldn't you say? My brother loves having
all the puppies around, put I don't think my parents are that thrilled.
Especially since two of their cats are going to have kittens any day!

Wednesday, February 4

Valentine Cookies

A few weeks ago Zechary got called to be the ward mission leader so it is only fit for us to finally go meet the neighbors. So for FHE on Monday Zechary and I decided to make some Valentine's Day sugar cookies and take them to the neighbors (the best recipe in the whole world thanks to our lovely cousin)! However then we realized we didn't have a plate to take them on and Zech's car was having problems so we weren't going to be able to go get a plate from the store. Well it's now been two more days and we still don't have a plate or hardly any cookies left. Every time Zech walks by the cookies he breaks a peice off and eats it. So today I will be making another batch of yummy Valentine Cookies and we will be trying this again. Through this I have learned I am not very good at frosting things! Thank you so much Becky for the recipe, we will be trying the chocolate chip cookies next!