Tuesday, August 28

Take Shape For Life

Some of you may not know this about me but for some time I have been struggling with the way I feel about myself.  This mostly has to do with my weight.  You see growing up I never had to worry about my weight.  In fact I had a pretty bad attitude towards people who complained about being over weight.    I could eat whatever I wanted.  It wasn't until I had Elai that I realized I had to really work to loose weight and keep it off.  However that didn't happen, the keeping it off part.  Next thing I knew here was Josie and another 20lbs.  Well I got motivated after having Josie and lost the weight very quickly.  But only to gain it back, plus some.  It embarrasses me to say that when I found out I was pregnant with Miles, I actually weighed more then when I had Josie.  

As my pregnancy was nearing an end, I knew I needed to do something about my weight.  Not only was I sickened by how heavy I am but also about how I felt as a whole.  My knees hurt if I walked to long, I ran out of breathe quickly and don't even get me started on my failed hiking attempt.  So here I was pondering what I could do to not only loose weight but to get healthy.  Well I figured it out!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me, I started the Take Shape For Life program.  It is a weight loss program that not only helps you loose weight but also teaches you to live a healthier life style.  They have a special program for nursing moms so I was able to start right away.  The best part about this program is that you get a free life coach.  Even better is that my life coach is one of my very best friends.  I am super excited to start this journey especially since I have the support of my dear friend.  

Currently I am on day two and I feel great.  I have been eating properly and I can definitely tell a difference already.  I don't feel as weighted down by the food that I eat.  Though I don't love all the food, I don't hate it either.  I just had to learn to think out side of the box when meal planning for the week.  I am so excited and can't wait for my weigh in next Monday.

Monday, August 13

Meet Miles

On July 18th Zech and I welcomed our baby boy Miles into this world.  While Zech wasn't able to make his arrival he was there via Skype.  So on that note, here is Miles' birth story.

I went into the doctor's office on the 17th for my daily, yes at that point I was going in every day, non stress test.  I was having to go in daily because Miles' heart rate at that point was very inconsistent.  One moment he had a heart rate of 100 and the next thing we knew it was over 200 bpm.  My midwife had decided that due to the inconsistency of his heart rate if he wasn't born within a few days I would have to be induced.  So anyway...that particular day, I went into the doctor first thing in the morning for my check up and everything seemed to be okay.  

But later that day I was feeling horribly nauseous.  At about 2pm I called my midwife's office to see if I might be able to get something to settle this feeling.  They asked me to come back in for a repeat NST and an ultrasound.  Then if everything checked out right, they would give me a shot.  So I went back in.  During the ultrasound the tech discovered that my amniotic fluid levels were low.  So after speaking with the midwife she expressed concern and decided that I needed to go to the hospital to be induced right away.  

So off to the hospital I went.  The nurse started the pitocin right away around 5pm but the my midwife decided that with a low fluid level she wanted to wait to break my water until I had progressed.  I was already dilating but I wasn't having regular contractions.  As the time progressed on I was starting to think Zech wasn't going to be able to see the birth via Skype.  He had to be back in the field for training at 4am and it was now approaching 2 am and I still wasn't having regular contractions.  I would have about 5 contractions in a row 2 mins apart but then I wouldn't have another one for about 10 mins.  

That's when the midwife came in and decided to break my water.  And my contractions quickly became regular.  I had decided early on in my pregnancy that I wouldn't have an epidural.   And up until the point of having my water broke I hadn't felt like I needed any sort of pain medication.   I was definitely feeling contractions, but nothing that was unbearable.  After having my water broke though, that was a different story.  I started to wonder what I was thinking.  The contractions were very strong and very painful.  But I stuck it out and with Donna's help was able to breath through them.  

It didn't take long before I felt the urge to push.  The nurse checked me and said I was still at 6cm.  A few contractions went by and I told her I really needed to push.  All the while Zech was with us on Skype encouraging me, I however couldn't respond to him.  So the nurse checked me again.  I was at 8cm.  She decided that she would let me push down to 10cm.  So the nurse left the room to call the my midwife. I remember her telling me not to push until she got back.

But with the next contraction, I really felt like I needed to push and I told Donna so.  She said, just push.  So I did.  Next thing you know Mile's head was out.  Donna ran out in the hall way to yell for help.  I could here her yelling "the baby's head is out."

And just as a couple of nurses entered the room, the baby's feet were coming out.  I had delivered him in the bed with no help from any hospital staff.  I was a little shocked so I didn't try and pick him up or anything.  

The nurses worked quickly and took our baby boy over to the warmer so he could get checked out.  He was perfect!

Our baby boy Miles Javier was born just after 3am on July 18th.  He weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and was 19 1/4in long.  Zech was able to see the birth on Skype right before returning back to the field.  

I had to stay in the hospital just one night.  As we were waiting to go home I got the best phone call in the world!

Zech got permission to come home 5 days early.  He would be flying home the next day. 

Miles has been the perfect addition to our little family.  Josie and Elai just love him.  And we are all home and healthy.  Last week Zech's family went home and he had to start school again.  Things have been crazy, but we are getting into a good routine now.