Tuesday, March 8

My Helper!

I guess you could say I am pretty lucky...
I mean how many people's children love to do the dishes???
And at such a young age!!!
Isn't he just wonder?
He makes my world turn.

Monday, March 7

A Boy and His Slide

What is with this weather? It is sunny and warm one day and snowing the next. Well I guess mother nature doesn't realize I have a little boy who is dying to go outside and play but since it's still too cold for that we brought the outside to our living room.
Elai loves his slide. He even likes to go outside and play on it in the snow.
However I am not up for being outside in the cold for too long.
So by bringing it inside, we both win.
He plays on it for hours.
He especially thinks it's funny when I try to go down it, but that is not picture material.

Thursday, March 3


As I reflect on the things in my life I feel truly blessed, especially for...

my family.