Saturday, March 31

{Florida Beach}

When I think about the beach in Florida there is only one word that comes to my mind WOW!  I mean seriously breathe taking.  I couldn't help but feel so lucky to be sitting there on that beach.

 We all had such a great time.  This was our kids' first time at the beach.  They both loved it.

Zech was so happy to be "home"

Grandma Mitzi, isn't she beautiful!

When we talked about going to Florida the only thing Zech said he wanted to do was go to the beach, now I understand why.

It was a time enjoyed by us all, that however ended way to quickly.

Thursday, March 29

{Welcome to Florida}

After going to Florida, it is official that Zechary has taken me all the way across the United States.  Yes me, the same girl who had never left the Pacific Northwest!  I have always wanted to travel and I have to say that he is the best companion to travel with.    

Anyway, back to Florida.   Florida was breathe taking also.  

I don't think I had actually seen a palm tree in real life.  I couldn't believe how beautiful all of the surrounds were.

I couldn't help but feel Heavenly Father's love for us. With all the beauty which he had given us to see how could be not be grateful?

The kids loved all the warm weather.  And especially loved getting to spend time with their GREAT grandparents.

I just wish we could have spent more time there.  Taken in a little bit more.  Oh well I guess we will have to go back...darn.

Saturday, March 24

{Fishing in Georgia}

While in Georgia we got to go fishing in Grandma Nancy's pond.  It was beautiful back there.  On the way down Elai held the fishing pole and talked about the fishes the entire time.  He was excited to say the least. 

Once we got there Grandma and Josie got cozy and the boys went to work!

Elai would not leave Zech's side.  He had to be there helping the entire time.

Then it was fishing time!

The scene was beautiful! Now you cans see why I loved Georgia so much.

Elai even had a great time collecting the worms.

And found them to be very interesting.  

He was so excited for fishing until the fish came out of the water!  Then he screamed and ran away.  Notice the vain on his neck.

Leaving Daddy to do all the work.

Luckily Grandma was there to rescue my little man. 

Josie didn't seem to mind the fish.  She was too busy playing with rocks she found. 

Daddy put the fish back and it was back to work again.  Once again Elai was excited.

Of course I made everyone stop for a few pictures.

We match and no it wasn't on purpose!

Then it was back to the house for some lunch.