Thursday, October 30

Hot Curlers

Seriously, does nobody have hot rollers anymore? For work we have to dress up for Halloween but me being the cheapo that I am didn't want to buy anything. So I thought that I would just be a crazy house wife. You know that kind that dresses crazy with hot rollers and an apron. Well nobody I know has hot rollers! I know that nobody now days uses them, but what about the older generations? So I am stuck being a scientist. Luckily Zechary works at a lab so we have free use of whatever we want!

Monday, October 27

It's A Boy!!

It's official! We found out today we will be blessed with a little boy on March 29th. His name will be Elai Carter Rios. I think I'm even more excited about it than Zech. I keep talking about little Elai going on his mission. Everything seems to be going great from what the ultrasound said. Zech and I couldn't be happier.

Sunday, October 26

My First Ever Talk

It was awful I tell you, just awful. Just kidding. I think it actually went quite well. I wasn't nervous at all. I did try many times to get out of it but when it came time, my talk flowed. Right before it was my turn I tried to pull the I have to go to the bathroom trick as a last resort to ditch but it didn't work. I am definitely putting my first talk in our family history box for our children.

Saturday, October 25

Wedding Pictures

I keep getting asked about our wedding pictures therefore I am just posting a few. I'm sorry I can't e-mail them fast enough, there are just so many to go through. We ourselves have only printed very few. I will someday get them e-mailed but until then, here you go.

Okay so it looks like everyone in the family, both sides, has one of these blogspost so Zech and I were obligated to create on also. So for all of you who have asked us to create one, here you are. STOP BUGGING ME! More to come later.