Wednesday, September 29

Happy Birthday Zech!

We had a great time celebrating Zech's 24th Birthday today. Normally we would have had a big party but because I haven't been feeling so great lately, Zech settled for dinner with a few friends. His one request...
Blackforest cupcakes.

I think Zech found a new favorite.

Homecoming Parade

Last weekend the weather was nice so we decided to head over to watch the ISU Homecoming Parade. We all had a great time.
Elai really enjoyed all the music.

And he thought that the mini water bottles being handed out were the best thing on earth.

Simplot was handing out potatoes.

My nephew collected enough candy that I'm thinking he doesn't need to go trick or treating.

It was a great time. We are trying to soak up all of the good weather while it is still here. This past week it has been in the 90s everyday so I'm starting to wonder what happened to fall?

Thursday, September 23

It's Here!

I am so excited that fall is here. It is my favorite season. I love everything about it, the pretty colors, leaves changing, leave piles, wearing jackets, the cool crisp air, and of course the great food.

Things to do now that it's fall:

Hang wreath on door

Make Pumpkin chocolate chip bread

Go check out some kids books on fall

Make some soup

Thursday, September 9

end to a great summer

Though glad to be home, we are sad that we had to leave Herman Lake. After spending the whole summer there, we have grown to love it and made some great memories. Here are a few pictures we were able to take this summer (once again I couldn't keep track of my camera).
Above is a picture of the main house. The lake was only about 100ft away. It had a great rustic feel to it. Over to the right about 200ft was a little bunkhouse.

This summer Elai discovered he really likes watermelon. Between him and Deon they probably ate about three watermelons a week.

It was so great being so close to family and getting to see them all summer. Here are a few pictures of Elai at my parents house on the trampoline. You may notice his headband. Maybe he should have been a girl, he loves wearing them.

While at Zech's parents house Nathan showed us a stash of really funny looking hats. Zechary thought he was a farmer. It was really fun. Zech, Elai, Nathan and I wore them all day long while nobody else was home.

We were able to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer hiking a camping.

On our first hiking trip Zechary walked straight into a mud hole. Truly funny if I do say so myself.

Another first for Elai was getting to ride the motorcycle with dad. He loved it, my family would be proud.

We had a great summer and were sad to leave, however excited to get back to Pocatello and back to our normal lives. Zech has already started his last year of school. He has been busy applying for medical schools which has been an interesting experience. He should know by spring time if he is excepted so until then we are just wishing and hoping.

Mud Puddles

This summer Elai got to experience many new things. His favorite??? Mud Puddles. He had so much fun playing in the dirty water and we had just as much fun watching him.